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Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. New York Branch selects Sword FircoSoft’s transaction filtering solution

Sword FircoSoft, the leading global provider of watch list filtering solutions today announces that Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. New York Branch has selected Firco Continuity.

In the context of an increased fight against terrorist financing and ever more stringent regulations against money laundering, financial institutions have no choice but to equip themselves with state-of-the-art filtering technology that ensures their compliance with the latest regulations and prevents them from reputation damage.

In this context, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. New York Branch, has selected to introduce Sword FircoSoft’s award-winning solution Firco Continuity. The selection of Firco Continuity will result in a centralized watch list filtering solution for Mizuho Corporate Bank’s Funds Transfer, Trade Finance and ACH related transaction activity. Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. believes Firco Continuity centralized filtering solution capable of reviewing those transactions in real time, with easy integration capabilities which will reduce the time of implementation and keep the total cost of the project at a manageable level. By introducing a centralized platform with a complete tolerant and intelligent matching logic, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. anticipates being able to meet ever-changing market practice and industry standards at its New York Branch.

“The choice of Sword FircoSoft’s watchlist filtering solution is a sound measure taken by management to increase filtering efficiency and upgrade the Bank’s existing filtering systems. With local expertise offered from the New York office and their experience since 1994 with large financial institutions and very strong customer relationships, we anticipate a seamless project implementation”, says Mr. Frank Carellini, Deputy General Manager, Americas Legal and Compliance Division, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. New York Branch. “Firco Continuity for Funds Transfer System is just the right solution for us; it is plug and play and will therefore minimize project duration and costs. Moreover, Firco Continuity integrates with our Letter of Credit System and other in-house solutions we are currently using for ACH thanks to the API (Application Programming Interface) proposed”.

“We are delighted to partner with Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. New York Branch and help them enhance their global watch list filtering program. By selecting Firco Continuity for Funds Transfer System to filter domestic and international wires in real time, Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. New York Branch will be the third bank operating in the U.S. using the plug and play solution designed last year. However, the ambitious project will also cover compliance requirements for trade finance operations, ACH as well as customer databases”, says Laurent Corbel, Managing Director, Sword FircoSoft Inc.