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Murex receives highest recognition for its excellence in delivering front-to-back trading systems, market risk solutions and after-sales services in Asia Risk's 2010 Technology Rankings.

Murex, the leading provider of cross-asset trading, risk management and processing solutions, today announces that it has won over 19 top places in Asia Risk's annual technology rankings across risk management, derivatives pricing and analytics, and support services categories, while earning number-one overall position for trading systems front-to-back, market risk solutions, and after-sales services.

Murex confirms its strong foothold in Asia and its successful positioning stemming from a long-lasting development strategy. Thanks to its strong focus on innovation and the inherent ability of Murex solutions to address evolution challenges, Murex has consistently been responsive to both long-time and new clients objectives to penetrate markets and explore new business opportunities.

Guy OTAYEK, Chief Executive Officer of Murex Asia Pacific comments: "The crisis redistributed the cards of the game in the financial industry and most will agree to say Asia-Pacific came out with a good set in hands. Reality shows the region is best described as a patchwork of markets with diverse economic models, market growths and maturity levels. Our strength as a global solution provider resides in our capacity to invest resources – time, money and people - to manage and answer various demands. We also benefit from roots seeded in the region over 15 years ago allowing a deep understanding and knowledge of the specific facets of these economies and the challenges at stake."

Over 40 financial institutions including banks, insurance companies, corporate treasuries and utilities located in Australia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand, to name a few, have made of Murex their strategic platform of growth.

Guy adds: "We are glad to see that in a moment where risk requirements become more stringent in all areas of the world, our offering gains in recognition. Implementation efficiency remains a focus area for Murex. Through the promotion and continuous enhancement of our MXpress™ approach, we keep enriching the scope of our pre-packaged solutions, improving and sharing our best practices with our clients and partners. On the other hand, experience also tells us that if the quality of our system is a key of our success, it is the quality of our people that makes it sustainable. We are therefore proud to inaugurate this year the new category "after sales service" with a top spot ranking from the financial industry community".

Asia Risk Magazine launched its first survey in 2006 gathering year after year more and more feedback from practitioners of financial risk management and derivatives services in Asia. Over the past 5 years, Murex totalled 100+ top 3 rankings, crossing the line as either the first or second leading vendor overall. The winners of the 2010 Asia Risk Technology Rankings will be announced in the September 2010 edition of the magazine.