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Cognito Launches New Service; Financial Sector Firms Can Now Monitor Their Media Profile and Compare Themselves Against the Competition

• Cognito Analytics gives firms an accurate picture of their media profile
• Facilitates better PR, advertising, messaging and positioning

Cognito, the financial industry PR firm, today launched a new service that gives firms a clear picture of their media profile and allows them to track key competitors.

Cognito Analytics is specifically designed for firms in financial services. It gathers and analyzes information from relevant financial media and grades the information so that users can see:

• The level and quality of their profile in the market
• The impact of their news and messaging
• How they compare to competitors and what they could be doing to improve

Cognito Analytics enables executives, and those responsible for managing the corporate reputation, to adjust and improve their PR efforts. Susan Peter, Head of Marketing, Simcorp, North America, comments, “I am very metrically driven and believe you have to be able to measure what you are managing. Cognito Analytics enabled me to audit the marketplace and discover what coverage other providers are getting. I love being able to log in to the system without having to wait for reports to arrive on my desk; I can get a sense of where we are at in real-time. Regarding the functionality itself, one of the best things about Cognito Analytics is being able to see where the news has had the most impact, by viewing the impact bubbles. This has provided us with information that has really challenged our view in terms of what is newsworthy in the market.”

Tom Coombes, CEO, Cognito, adds, “We've developed Cognito Analytics specifically to help firms in the financial sector. All firms have a profile and we are now allowing them to see what it is, how they compare to their competitors and how they can improve. Our position as a specialist PR firm for this industry means we know the media landscape well.” Cognito Analytics has been built in conjunction with, and is used by, many of the leading firms in the sector.