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Neville & Rowe Launch New Business Intelligence & Analytics Solution ImpactEdge

Financial software company, Neville & Rowe Ltd has today launched ImpactEdge – a new business intelligence & analytics solution.

Co-founder, Andrew Neville who orchestrated the development of ImpactEdge over the past two years said :- “It is a very exciting time for us at Neville & Rowe to launch ImpactEdge, I believe that it will make a vast difference in the business intelligence arena and offer the user true self-service”.

One of the main differences ImpactEdge has over other solutions is its ability to handle large data volumes in memory and in real time. ImpactEdge also offers a completely intuitive interface that allows the user to get data to the desktop in seconds. Because of the familiar interface that drills straight into the available data space using ‘household’ data formulas and functions without the need for specialist knowledge or skills, the user can focus more time on getting what they want from the data, rather than relying on how to obtain the data in the first place. ImpactEdge has been built on a fully extensible platform, meaning endless possibilities for the future through the use of PowerApps. New versions of ImpactEdge will be released three times a year.

Neville & Rowe would like to thank everyone in the production team for their hard work in creating ImpactEdge as well as Anglia Ruskin University. Neville & Rowe was founded in 2004 and specialises in providing financial software solutions to the Investment Management Industry.