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Business Growth at Sterling International Brokers Prompts Wider Adoption of Kalahari’s kACE Across Sales Desks

Kalahari, a specialised data management, pricing analytics, and data publishing software house for the financial markets, today announced that Sterling International Brokers Limited London has increased the number of positions using kACE, in a move the firm said is aimed at supporting further business growth.

Sterling International Brokers Limited is a money broking company providing a range of services to banks, building societies, the public sector and commercial participants in the Sterling and Currency markets.

Commenting, Dot Kuan, Finance Director at Sterling International Brokers said: "kACE has helped support our business growth through its sophisticated cross-currency USD/GBP/EUR interest rate derivatives pricing and G-10 currency arbitrage capabilities. It provides us with fast access to optimised real-time prices and data for our internal and external customers and helps improve our own client service through its accurate pricing. The system is extremely reliable, both in terms of its pricing and its availability.”

Graham Mansfield, managing director at Kalahari said, "We are especially pleased that Sterling Brokers has chosen to increase its number of kACE users because the company has a strong and growing reputation in the market. We worked closely with Sterling Brokers to quickly adapt kACE to support their specific pricing methodology requirements which has led to increased market opportunities for the firm. We believe the demand for kACE underscores our ability to deliver the business results our clients need and our system response to the challenging requirements facing today’s markets conditions."

Through kACE, Kalahari offers a smart approach to the challenging requirements of interest rate derivative pricing & FX arbitrage. kACE provides access to broader, deeper liquidity, leading to improved price discovery for traders.