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Keeping mergermarket always on

mergermarket partnered with Interxion and outsourced its data centre, ensuring 100%-availability of its market-leading M&A service portfolio.

The Challenge
A merger or major acquisition is often a unique, one-off event in the lifetime of a company, so organisations have no chance to develop tried and tested methods to ensure that the process is carried out smoothly or that their decision was the right one.mergermarket addresses this need, using the latest technology.

“We are an unrivalled source of deal history and intelligence, ”said Rakesh Patel, Head of operations. “mergermarket holds information on public and private deals across a range of sectors that can be searched using an exhaustive database. This proprietary intelligence is available online to over 60,000 individual subscribers from more than 1,000 firms. Since mergermarket’s intelligence provides clients with information that can make or break a deal, it needs to be completely reliable, 100% available and absolutely consistent.”

Following reliability and quality-of-service issues with their previous provider, the mergermarket IT team used a balanced scorecard process to select a new data centre partner. They plotted important decision-making factors such as cost, location, flexibility, power availability, carrier count and room for growth.

The Solution
Interxion emerged as the clear winner, despite competition from a range of leading data centre operators. mergermarket made the decision to move its mission-critical equipment to Interxion’s data centre in the City of London.

“We selected Interxion because of their flexibility, excellent technical reputation and because the high level of connectivity they provide us helps us keep our clients totally satisfied and ahead of their competition, ”said Rakesh Patel.

“In the near future we also intend to extend our relationship to include Interxion’s Secure Data Service (SDS), which will allow us to implement a global disaster recovery strategy.”

What mergermarket does...
mergermarket, part of The Mergermarket Group, is a mergers & acquisitions (M&A) intelligence and research service that tracks all M&A deals over EUR/USD 5m globally.

Clients include the world’s leading legal and advisory firms, investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, fund managers and corporates. mergermarket employs an unrivalled network of dedicated M&A journalists based in 65 locations across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle-East, and Africa.

Interxion delivered...
• Best-in-class equipment housing with the ability to scale and reconfigure space as required
• Multiple physical security layers and 24-hour security support with controlled customer access 24/7
• Guaranteed power availability up to 99.999% with N+1 backup generators and cooling and 2N UPS
• Redundant cooling equipment with free cooling maintaining temperature and humidity
• Direct access to 28 carriers/ISPs and networks including LINX
• ISO 27001-certifi ed information security management systems
• A range of other optional services, including hands & eyes, monitoring, connectivity, hosting and backup and restore solutions