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QuIC Takes Advantage of Windows HPC Server Platform to Offer Real Time Risk Management Solutions

QuIC boosts speed and performance of its risk management solution to new heights; simplifying deployment and management across numerous operating environments

QuIC Financial Technologies, a market leader providing the world’s financial organisations with risk management, pricing and analytic solutions, today announced that QuIC solutions now run on the Windows HPC Server platform.

Tasked with managing unprecedented volume and sophistication of risk data, today’s risk managers are increasingly demanding real time risk management solutions to help identify and manage market risk and credit exposure scenarios to gain a competitive advantage. QuIC’s solution for Windows HPC Server responds to this industry-wide challenge by offering higher calculation speeds, more meaningful metrics and valuable risk intelligence to make informed business decisions in real time.

“QuIC is pleased to build on our relationship with Microsoft and take advantage of its Windows HPC Server platform to help ensure our solutions can easily manage the large data volumes our clients need when executing complex calculations and simulations,” stated Justin Forrest, Executive Vice President of Global Sales for QuIC. “The sheer speed of the QuIC Engine™ combined with the power of high performance computing from Microsoft delivers our clients extremely fast risk management solutions."

The Windows HPC Server platform will offer QuIC’s clients significantly improved performance and computation speed. Results have shown financial calculations and simulations that took days or hours to perform have now been reduced to hours or minutes, while maintaining accuracy and reliability.

"Microsoft has been working closely with QuIC to help deliver solutions to the risk management marketplace powered by high performance computing," said Vince Mendillo, senior director, Microsoft High Performance Computing Group. “Companies like QuIC are helping customers use supercomputing power to turn risk data into insight.”

Already recognised for its flexibility and platform neutral capabilities, QuIC can now be more easily deployed in many different operating and risk environments across a client’s global operations. By ensuring simplicity in deployment, QuIC allows for easy integration with the Windows HPC Server platform, and is fully scalable, from a few to many nodes. This added flexibility and extensibility offers the benefit of reducing client costs by tying up fewer resources and requiring less capital investment for new and existing hardware.