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Taxation of structured products − SIX Telekurs offers updated service

SIX Telekurs’ Bond Floor Pricing Service is now available via an automated FTP download. This means that the data delivered, enabling structured products to be taxed correctly, can be accessed even more rapidly.

In recent years there has been a massive increase in the number of structured products consisting of a bond component and a growth-oriented option component. At present, the SIX Telekurs Bond Floor Pricing Service covers around 80,000 structured instruments (as at April 2010). The Bond Floor Pricing Service permits the taxable proceeds of a structured product to be calculated with a few clicks of the mouse. The expansion of the service through the addition of the "BFP Data Download" now allows tax-relevant data to be fed into customer systems automatically. The data supplied can thus be processed even more efficiently.

Under the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA circulars 4/1999 and 15/2007), capital growth on the bond component is taxable, whereas capital growth on the option component is not. Through its Bond Floor Pricing Service, SIX Telekurs is making a significant contribution to the correct taxation of structured products. SIX Telekurs provides the data required for the daily calculation of tax values, and – in close cooperation with the SFTA – ensures that the information supplied complies with tax regulations.

SIX Telekurs remains in close contact with supervisory authorities, sector specialists and independent auditors in order to keep fully up to date with regulatory developments. As a recognized expert on regulatory data, SIX Telekurs is a dependable partner for the financial sector in the field of compliance. This international financial information provider's comprehensive data offering makes an important contribution to the clearer understanding of regulatory requirements.