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STAM Europe chooses FrontInvest for the management of its Real Estate Funds

STAM Europe chooses eFront for the management of its Real Estate Funds. STAM Europe is a portfolio management company managing collective real estate investment vehicles through debt leverage for institutional investors.

STAM Europe had been using Microsoft Excel since the inception of its first fund in 2006, STAM REI. In 2009, prior to the launch of its third real estate fund, STAM Europe decided to identify a software solution for the management of its real estate funds activity. The company’s needs cover the entire investment cycle.

The solution must be capable of handling data imports (FIDJI standard data exchange and embedded Excel), debt management, reporting and Investor relations. It must provide a financial modelling process reflecting STAM's investment structure, including holdings, SPVs and real estate assets, and provide for the import, storage and use of asset-related data at the SPV or holding level. The software solution has to deal with past and future cash-flows related to the real estate assets. It must also consolidate the cash-flow generated by the assets at the SPVs level and make simulations based on different scenarios. STAM also wants to build financial models to manage debt-related cash-flows at the SPVs and holdings’ levels.

STAM Europe selected FrontInvest as their solution of choice as it offers extreme flexibility and meets the stringent specifications they demanded, as compared to other “one size fits all” market solutions. FrontInvest enables very efficient cash-flow management and integrates embedded Excel so that users can easily import their data-sheets, maintaining consistency and productivity throughout the business.

Olivier Lance, Projects and Research Manager, STAM Europe, comments: “We wanted to find a FIDJI-compatible software solution that enabled powerful cash-flow and debt management. Our specific needs were to integrate existing Excel functions and to significantly reduce the number of possible providers. eFront proved to be the only provider capable of offering a solution that helps our real estate investment teams manage their operations more efficiently, with greater visibility, transparency and control over the fund.”

Béatrice Vachonfrance, Sales Director, eFront, adds: “The ability of FrontInvest to easily integrate within STAM’s organisation, and its wide functional reach, positioned us as the ideal solution. Real estate investors are looking for tools that help them in the decision-making process; they want the fund-management system to be part of their growth strategy. Our clients are seeking tools that will secure their activity and that are also scalable and flexible in order to address their needs and their complex investment structures.”