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DFA Launches Gems® Online, the Latest Innovation in Economic Scenario Generation

The Online Tool Provides Easy Access to Economic Scenarios and Powerful Analytics

DFA Capital Management Inc. (DFA), the leading provider of Enterprise Risk Management solutions to the financial services and insurance industries, today announced the launch of GEMS® Online. This new service enables online access to simulated economic and financial scenarios as well as analytics produced from its cutting-edge GEMS economic scenario generator (ESG). With no software to install, users are able to purchase prepackaged or customized Scenario Sets online.

The GEMS Online service is the latest addition to DFA’s GEMS Product Suite that includes GEMS – Scenario Master, a general purpose ESG, GEMS – Portfolio Analyzer, an ESG for Asset Management, and GEMS – Enterprise Modeler, an ESG for whole company modeling. GEMS Online is available exclusively as an online service, while the other GEMS products are installed on a customer’s premises.

“Over the last few years we’ve seen an increase in demand for pre-built packages of economic scenarios that clients could import into their existing models for financial analysis and risk management,” said Lisa Cash, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at DFA Capital Management Inc. “Offering the ability to easily package, purchase and download GEMS Scenario Sets from our online store extends the reach of our product to companies who do not require comprehensive economic scenario generation capabilities on their premises as well as to those who want to augment their existing scenarios for comparison purposes.”

GEMS Online includes a full range of variables such as government bonds, corporate bonds, common stock indices, currency exchange rates, inflation indices, GDP and unemployment. Analytics provided in GEMS Online enable users to easily compare simulated scenarios to the historical record to validate the quality of fit of the underlying models.

“The underlying technology powering GEMS Online is the same GEMS platform that has enabled our existing clients to successfully navigate the economic turmoil of the last two years by providing visibility into the full spectrum of possible economic events,” said David Weiss, Chief Technology Officer at DFA Capital Management Inc. “The flexibility to easily query, validate and package online the desired scenario variables from GEMS simulations offers new capabilities in economic modeling that have never been available before.”