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3i Infotech Subsidiaries, Regulus Group and J&B Software, to Demonstrate How to Accelerate Cash Flow and Streamline Back-Office Infrastructure at NACHA Payments 2010

Companies to Exhibit in Booth #429

Regulus Group and J&B Software, subsidiaries of 3i Infotech North America, will demonstrate how to accelerate cash flow and streamline back-office processes in Booth #429 at NACHA Payments 2010. The event will be held April 25 through 28 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

“Companies of all sizes continue to wrestle with how to efficiently manage the multitude of billing and payment channels, from mobile to electronic to paper,” said Jim McShea, chief revenue officer of 3i Infotech North America. “We offer a hybrid approach that includes in-house and outsourced components for the entire revenue chain, all from a single vendor. This allows us to deliver advanced, customized solutions while reducing management requirements for our customers.”

Selected products on display include:

-- Mobile remote deposit capture, which allows users to make remote check deposits using smartphones. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model is now available. The SaaS model lowers overhead and speeds time to market.

-- The Transactions² (T²) Document and Remittance Processing Platform, which offers companies with large and complex billing and remittance activities unparalleled visibility, flexibility and control over every aspect of the revenue collection cycle. T² includes the View² Online Portal, a Web-based interface that provides access to the billing and payment data and processes contained within the system to accelerate transactional decision-making and enable users to quickly and easily monitor and control print and remittance processes.

-- eFLOW, an intelligent document recognition solution for capturing, recognizing, indexing and routing both structured and unstructured documents. eFLOW improves workforce productivity, reduces manual intervention, accelerates cash flow and reduces error rates.