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Blockcross Selects Flyer’s Daytona and Fix Engine

Leading Alternative Trading System to use tools for FIX communications and monitoring

FIX Flyer, a leader in solutions for electronic trading, announced today that BlockCross ATS has chosen both the Flyer Engine and Daytona Monitoring for their independent alternative trading system (ATS) focused on block-sized trades of US equities. BlockCross picked the solution because of its ease of use and strong technical support.

BlockCross uses Daytona to monitor and support FIX sessions with all of their counterparties in real time. Daytona helps BlockCross provide the high level of support that their customers have come to expect.

“Clients rely on us everyday for best execution and good system performance,” said Paul Filipski, director of development at BlockCross. “We’ve been using FIX Flyer’s engine for almost three years now and it’s been a reliable solution for us. Daytona lets
us extend the manageability of our FIX processing to operations and the support desk using just one application. Knowing that our core FIX infrastructure is built and supported by the industry’s leading experts lets us concentrate on providing a superior
experience to our customers.”

BlockCross combines buy-side and sell-side liquidity to provide a broad spectrum of block-sized trading opportunities. An important consideration when choosing FIX Flyer was that core FIX components are easy to integrate, without compromising scalability
and performance. In addition, BlockCross needed to make sure that the integrated solution is easy to support and that it would fit into their existing operations. Because of Flyer’s unmatched proficiency and experience as an overall FIX solution, BlockCross
realized early in their evaluation process that FIX Flyer extended their support and tools beyond conventional solutions. FIX Flyer works in some of the most demanding trading environments in the world, and that experience makes the product valuable to
customers like Pulse.

“We are always thrilled when an innovative and technically savvy company such as BlockCross decides to use our engine and tools as core components in their architecture,” remarked Brian Ross, CEO of FIX Flyer. “No one can deliver performance and support in FIX infrastructure like we can.”