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Panopticon Releases World's First Visual Data Analytics SDK for Microsoft WPF Environments

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of Treemap and Heatmap data visualization software today announced that it has released version 5.4 of its Developer SDK. The new version offers improved data handling, faster visual processing, an expanded set of data visualizations, and support for Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) environments in addition to .NET and Java environments. This is the first SDK of its type available from any vendor that supports Microsoft WPF.

Developer 5.4 is a complete data visualization toolkit and can handle data from virtually any source, including real-time streaming data feeds. It is in widespread use within financial institutions as well as within a range of OEM applications in telecommunications, financial services and engineering.

The new release supports Microsoft WPF environments through a combination of the .NET SDK and a new WPF extension. WPF provides a unified framework for building applications and high-fidelity experiences in Windows 7 and other operating system environments. It blends application UI, documents, and media content. WPF offers developers graphics support, hardware-accelerated effects, scalability to different form factors, interactive data visualization, and superior content readability. Developer 5.4 is also available for Java and traditional .NET environments. All three versions - WPF, .NET and Java - offer identical functionality.

Deployed applications utilizing Panopticon Developer include:

• Network monitoring and analysis in telecommunications networks
• Budgeting and scheduling analysis in engineering
• Performance monitoring and risk analysis in financial services

OEM partners who have integrated Panopticon's tools into their own products include:

• Deltek: Enterprise project management
• Polystar: Revenue assurance, fraud detection and network monitoring for telecoms
• Tbricks: Algorithmic trading for hedge funds and mutual fund companies
• Opturo: Risk management, performance reporting, GIPS compliance, order management, and quantitative modeling for financial firms

Willem De Geer, Managing Director of Panopticon, stated, "We started development of our SDK in 1999 and we're now in our fifth generation. This new release is the first data visualization SDK in the world that supports Microsoft WPF, which we see as an important new platform for business intelligence application development. The SDK enables Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) and companies with proprietary applications to embed highly interactive, highly configurable visual data analytics tools into their own software, regardless of whether they prefer Java, .NET or WPF development environments."