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Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions delivers full end-to-end voice and data convergence for trading firms

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, a leader in voice and electronic trading infrastructure and services for trading communities, today announced the availability of the first fully end-to-end global convergent technology platform for financial institutions looking to work with a single provider for all their live trading communication requirements.

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions’ convergent modular solution suite is designed to support brokers, fund managers, market data providers and trading venues’ drive for greater efficiency and lower expenditure by providing a complete integrated voice and data infrastructure from the network through to the end user desktop.

For the clients, the simplicity of dealing with just one technology provider also means lower costs. Firstly, with all data delivered via one network, through one provider in a desktop environment and with all information consolidated onto one screen, customers do not have to pay separate management provider costs. Secondly no technical investment is required, since voice and data connectivity is already integrated.

Using the system, clients can take full advantage of all Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions’ connectivity, services and applications including recording systems and instant messaging between buyers and sellers. The integration of voice and IT environment allows convergence of live communications on the traders’ desktops. This enables them to become more efficient with a consolidated view of contacts on their screens with fewer requirements for redial. The trading community will also be able to use the flexibility and communications efficiency by sharing information across all parts of the organisation.

Arsène Ahouansou, connectivity product manager, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions said, “We want our clients to benefit from a single point of access for all the tools and services they require for their business. Our new convergent technology makes this possible at all stages of the trading activity. For example, with our Unify Suite, our customers can create and integrate custom built applications in one place. It is a much more robust, reliable and spacious system improving business efficiency and interactions with voice and CRM tools, ultimately helping our customers achieve the best results possible.”