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ClearStructure Financial Technology announces trading platform for syndicated loan market participants

ClearStructure Financial Technology LLC, providers of a leading portfolio management platform, today announced the release of Sentry for Syndicated Loan Trading. The product
- designed specifically for traders in the syndicated bank loan market, including broker/dealers and proprietary trading desks at both sell-side and buy-side institutions, and third party settlement agents - enables trade capture, profit and loss, trade work flow and trade risk analysis.

Jeremy Hintze, COO of ClearStructure said, "We believe the syndicated loan sector needs comprehensive solutions, and we are pleased that we are able to expand our offering to market participants. Sentry for Syndicated Loan Trading leverages our in-depth knowledge of the market, derived from our 15-year history of providing solutions for the middle-
and back-office, and applies that expertise to the needs of traders."

Sentry for Syndicated Loan Trading brings participants flexible, next-generation functionality in a complete front-to-back office package. Features include:

- Workflow: customizable workflow modules provide the flexibility for users to integrate Sentry with their current processes as well as confirm pre-trade allocations, process trade approval and improve risk management through enforcement of position limits (counterparty, issuers and more)

- Trade Capture: includes full LSTA/LMA settlement and comprehensive calculation capabilities, such as delayed compensation and economic benefit , as well as ability to integrate with several market data feeds

- Straight-Through Processing: seamless interaction between the front-,
middle- and back-office functions, including integration with additional
back-office solutions and internal systems.

The platform is available either as hosted solution or on-site installation and is easily integrated with clients' other systems.
Traders will benefit from the rapid implementation process and natural scalability of the platform.

Additionally, Sentry for Syndicated Loan Trading offers users a joint syndicated bank-loan administration solution and trade closing service in conjunction with Cortland Capital Market Services LLC. This solution tightly integrates Cortland's loan administration and trade settlement services with Sentry via real-time updates.

"We are focused on bringing the optimal offering to this market segment.
With our deep expertise of the nuts and bolts of the syndicated bank loan market, it was only a natural extension to complete our offering with front-office functionality. Our comprehensive view of what it takes to power the most advanced desks on the market is sure to benefit clients," said Scott Turley, CEO of ClearStructure.