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Makhethim-Agan added tens of millions of dollars to its bottom line Hedging Results using CompuHedge Risk Management System

CompuHedge - a cutting-edge financial Risk Management and Compliance system - has been a great success in Makhteshim-Agan Industries. The system was successfully implemented in Makhteshim-Agan Headquarters in Israel and in its companies and branches in Europe, Brazil, Curaçao, and Australia.

Moshe Kuperberg, Group Finance Manager at Makhteshim-Agan Industries comments:
“CompuHedge’s system - based on its Policy unit with dynamic parameters - helped us to successfully implement our Corporate Policy. In addition, the Compliance report (together with the System Alerts) pinpointed positions where additional or updated hedging was required. The system’s Dynamic Hedging capabilities added tens of millions of dollars to our bottom line hedging results.
CompuHedge's IFRS entry and reporting software has impressed the Makhteshim-Agan Management with its simple and thorough approach. Our Annual IFRS reports were based on CompuHedge generated reports. The reports were audited and approved by our outside auditors.”