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Intralinks Survey: Corporate Development Professionals Optimistic for M&A in 2010

More than one third of corporate M&A professionals from Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific (APAC) say they are optimistic for the future of deal activity in the next 12 months, according to a recent survey by IntraLinks and mergermarket.

IntraLinks' Global M&A survey also resulted in the following responses about today's M&A market, including:

- European dealmakers are optimistic for next year- A total of 41 percent
of respondents in Europe indicated they are optimistic (39 percent) or
very optimistic (2 percent) about the outlook of corporate M&A in the
next 12 months. Those surveyed in APAC were slightly less positive and
about the future of deal activity (30 percent) and North American
respondents were generally cautious, citing a pessimistic or very
pessimistic outlook (26 percent).

- North American M&A professionals will be acquisitive in 2010- More than
two-thirds (67 percent) of the global survey participants plan to
undertake an M&A transaction in the next 12 months. Of those
respondents, an overwhelming 78 percent of dealmakers in North America
indicated increased deal transactions next year, while APAC and Europe
trailed behind at 63 percent 59 percent, respectively.

- Asia-Pacific to lead the recovery next year- 52 percent of respondents
expect the Asia-Pacific region to lead the recovery in terms of M&A
volume (although 27 percent noted that APAC is further down the road
to economic recovery than any other region). 33 percent of respondents
believe that M&A volumes in North America will be the first to recover,
while just 15 percent cite the European market as the emerging leader
in increased M&A activity.

- Financial services to be the most active sector - 25 percent of APAC
and 36 percent of North America respondents indicated they thought
financial services would be the most active niche, with 17 percent of
those from Europe citing the consumer sector to witness the most
significant M&A activity.

- Debt restructuring and acquisitions driving corporate activity - 50%
believe that debt restructurings will be the principle driver of global
corporate activity and 40% expect acquisitions to be the driver over
the next 12 months.

"This survey of global M&A professionals demonstrates there are reasons to be optimistic about deal activity in the coming months," said Andrew Damico, President and Chief Executive Officer of IntraLinks. "Despite common obstacles including lack of debt financing, price uncertainty and general market confidence, these professionals and corporations are clearly confident about an increase in corporate led deal activity."