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Petra Financial launches new Touchstone Mobile capabilities at MMT in Dubai

Petra Financial is pleased to announce at MMT Dubai new Touchstone Mobile features being released such as enhanced security, support for wider BlackBerry operating system versions, and a forthcoming native Java version.

Petra Financial a global software company is at the forefront of payments management, mobile banking, and mobile financial services; and counts customers such as HSBC, CaxtonFX, National Australia Group, and Deutsche Bank.

Touchstone Mobile revolutionizes the interaction with banking services for customers with the Apple iPhone and iTouch; BlackBerry® Bold™ and BlackBerry® Curve™; and 3G and WiFi enabled phones. Users have in the palm of their hand the easiest, most intuitive, secure and functionally rich mobile banking application available today. Touchstone Mobile comes with an international payment validation that uniquely validates data at the point of initiation, reducing errors, and resulting in a fully routed STP transaction from a mobile device.

David Sinclair, CEO of Petra Financial commented, “We are pleased to introduce the new enhanced features of Touchstone Mobile at MMT in Dubai. The Middle East and North African regions are at the forefront of mobile banking uptake, with a strong interest in being early adopters of mobile technology. Petra Financial has a presence in the region with an office in Dubai, and we see this region as a centre of gravity for mobile banking”.

Sinclair adds, “Users need to feel that any transaction is very secure, very simple, but that they can conduct their finances anywhere, any time with trust. Petra Financial is different by combining the simplicity, the broad array of devices being supported, together with the ease of use. We always aim to deliver on our promises that we deliver simple solutions, but create endless possibilities”.

John Burton, Marketing Director of Petra Financial commented, “The barriers to greater uptake of mobile banking are well known – security, ease of use, and catering to a wide range of mobile phones. The older browser based mobile banking solutions are just not capable of delivering sophisticated needs easily. Web browsers on mobiles are never easy to view and the screens are often badly designed. These new features widen the opportunity for uptake, and increase the users’ peace of mind”.