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Sophis is named best buy-side commodities trading platform in the Buy-Side Technology awards 2009

Sophis, a leading provider of cross-asset, front-to-back portfolio and risk management solutions, today announced that it has been named best buy-side commodities trading platform in the Buy-Side Technology awards 2009.

Sophis won the award for VALUE, its integrated cross-asset, front-to-back solution for investment management. Its Commodities module offers full portfolio and risk management functionality for any basic commodity or commodity derivative to investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds and corporate organisations. VALUE supports different commodity types including oil, coal, gas, power, precious metals and base metals including LME, freight, emissions, soft commodities, plastics, fertilizers and weather.

Pascal Xatart, CEO, Sophis said: "We are delighted to have won this prestigious award, which demonstrates our committed efforts to delivering innovative solutions to our clients. Financial events over the last two years have highlighted the need for enhanced risk management capabilities within the buy-side. Sophis has long been recognised as a leader for equity derivatives and this award is a tremendous validation of our cross-asset coverage and a real testament to the commitment of our team at Sophis.”

Thanks to a fast development pace, Sophis has achieved major milestones in the commodities and energy sector, and currently has over 20 clients now using its commodities trading platform. It released a new carbon emissions management module to meet increased European carbon emission trading activity, a module for precious metals and a module for physical management of power and gas. Sophis’ Commodities is particularly strong in regard to structuring commodity derivatives using the commodities baskets, commodities basket options and commodities composite indices.