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Financial Tradeware signs Altus for ViaNova connectivity to the Pensions industry

Pensions Gateway provider connects through Financial Tradeware for Vianova messaging

Now supports direct and hosted solution

Financial Tradeware are pleased to announce that Altus, have signed to integrate its new Hosted Instruction Gateway through Financial Tradeware for ViaNova messaging.

Financial Tradeware (through its sister company Européenne de Gestion Privée), provides the infrastructure for ViaNova messaging standardisation and SWIFT connectivity. Altus provides the Altus Instruction Gateway application, processing pricing and investment
information vital for Pension companies and administrators.

“Following the announcement of our marketing relationship with Altus earlier in the year, we jointly positioned and tested new Hosted services to ensure rapid take-up of the ViaNova market initiative. We are delighted to provide web-based services to the Altus
Hosted solution, which is fully operational.

We look forward to a growing number of participants and building critical mass with ViaNova users. Controlling costs and improving automation in the Pensions market through standard cost-effective connectivity components has become an industry imperative“ said
Graham Bright, Managing Director, Financial Tradeware.

Ben Cocks, Products Director at Altus, said: “The Altus Hosted Service has dramatically lowered the barrier to entry for ViaNova. Our clients can automate the investment process and benefit from the full set of Altus Instruction Gateway features without having to deploy new infrastructure. The cost effective and dependable SWIFT connectivity service from Financial Tradeware is an essential part of the overall package.”