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Pricing Partners makes it really easy for its end-users to use Bloomberg market data in its analytics

Pricing Partners, the independent valuation expert and a world leader in mathematical models and analytics for derivatives and structured products, announced today that the Price-it Excel ‘09 version can now be easily connected to Bloomberg market data thanks to a set of Excel example spreadsheets providing typical Bloomberg tickers for interest rates, equity, inflation, credit, foreign exchange, commodity, funds, and energy.

The Price-it Excel ‘09 version is shipped with more than 150 market data example sheets on markets covering the US, Europe or Asia. Hence, clients with a valid Bloomberg market data license will be able to use Price-it Excel analytics very rapidly without the need to develop their own market data spreadsheets. Pricing Partners also developed recently a technology to publish easily structured market data object within Excel. This new functionality gives Price-it users the ability to centralize their market data and use them in all the Excel session.

Eric Benhamou comments: “Our philosophy is to provide to serve our clients the best and provide them all the tools and technology to make their life easier and more effective. The Price-it Excel ’09 version should substantially reduce the workload of our clients to use our analytics and models with Bloomberg market data. Bloomberg is the major reference for sophisticated market data. It is therefore a substantial step for us to ease our clients that have a valid Bloomberg market data license to leverage on their market data feeds with our cutting edge analytics.”