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Alchemy Solutions Announces New Partnership with RainCode

Alchemy Solutions, Inc. provider of legacy modernization solutions, today announced a partnership with RainCode which provides products and services for language transformation and legacy migration. As a Value Added Distributor in the Alchemy Solutions Partner Program, RainCode will use and resell the company’s NetCOBOL solution in the conversion of customers’ CA-Datacom applications to run with SQL in other, modern desktop frameworks such as Microsoft .NET.

The Alchemy Solutions Partner Program serves to cultivate valuable relationships with companies that offer a broad spectrum of solutions and services that pair well with the Alchemy Solutions legacy modernization and migration offerings. Partners have access to a host of sales, marketing and training resources needed to successfully deliver Alchemy’s solutions in any corner of the world. In addition to their strategic partnership, both Alchemy and RainCode are members of the Mainframe Migration Alliance, a group of more than 100 companies whose interests are aligned in making legacy modernization easier and more efficient for customers.

Datacom, now owned by CA, is a mainframe database management system that is unavailable on desktop platforms such as Windows. RainCode’s platform-agnostic rehosting solution, Datakom, allows the dbms to run in today’s robust desktop environment. RainCode has ported Datakom to Fujitsu NetCOBOL, for Windows, .NET and Linux, targeting Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or IBM DB/2.

The Datakom tool suite covers all aspects of CA-Datacom to SQL migration, including data, programs, and data queries. All languages, including PL/1, COBOL and CA-IDEAL are supported. Datakom allows users’ COBOL programs to run untouched in the target environment, thereby minimizing the disruption induced by altering the code.

“Our partnership with Alchemy Solutions enables RainCode to better participate in the vibrant Windows market, which is becoming increasingly important to enterprises,” said Darius Blasband, RainCode chief executive officer. “Alchemy Solutions has a strong reputation for technical excellence. With proven, time-tested tools like NetCOBOL, migration becomes a short-term process, but it has long-term implications. Together, Alchemy Solutions and RainCode enable enterprises to take full advantage of the Windows and .NET platforms without disruption.”

“As enterprises continue to reconsider their platform strategies, partnering with a company of RainCode’s experience and reputation will strengthen the business value that Alchemy Solutions brings to customers,” said Ron Langer, vice president of sales and general manager for Alchemy Solutions. “RainCode has demonstrated expertise in several interrelated domains that are critical to Alchemy Solutions’ interests, including compiler design, software migration and quality assurance. In fact, their approach to compiler design has proved vital in ensuring successful migration projects, a core mission that our two companies share.”