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BHMI Launches Concourse Financial Software Suite

For decades, Baldwin Hackett & Meeks, Inc. (BHMI) has been a leading supplier of back office EFT financial software products. BHMI’s financial applications are time tested and deployed at top-tier financial service providers across the United States and Canada.

From the beginning, the Concourse financial applications were designed to work together as an integrated solution. However, each product was previously marketed as a separate and distinct application. With the announcement of new Release 3 functionality for these products, the company has announced new product names, new marketing literature, a new online marketing campaign, and a new dedicated website. The result of this cohesive marketing effort is a suite of financial software products that are part of the new Concourse Financial Software Suite™ brand.

“The Concourse Financial Software Suite is a powerful PCI PA-DSS compliant back office software suite specifically designed to manage electronic payments including credit, debit, POS, ATM, mobile, and prepaid,” stated Susie Swenson, Concourse Product Manager. “With user-configurable business rules, an online transaction repository, and a continuous processing architecture, Concourse proactively assesses and allocates fees for all business relationships, settles and reconciles all transaction types, and automates the process of identifying and facilitating disputes.”

The Concourse Financial Software Suite includes the following products:

Concourse – Core
Concourse – Extended Settlement
Concourse – Fees & Commissions
Concourse – Disputes™

Concourse – Core is the only product that must be present in order for the other business services to exist. For example, it includes a centralized transaction repository and a secure browser-based viewer that is used by all Concourse business services. The remaining Concourse products can be licensed separately or purchased as an integrated solution.

Concourse has been designed to seamlessly interface with a variety of front-end transaction authorization applications, including BASE24, CONNEX, Alaric Authentic, and Kabira Payments. Concourse also supports file formats produced by regional, national, and international networks for purposes of reconciliation, along with many of the file formats supported by large third party processors. Therefore, Concourse can be easily integrated into an existing transaction processing environment.

The Concourse Financial Software Suite incorporates the following product features:

Leverages a continuous processing model
Accommodates large transaction volumes
Provides secure and immediate data access
Offers flexibility via user-configurable business rules
Supports all EFT formats
Creates transaction lifecycle linkage
Performs near real-time settlement
Automates reconciliation
Assesses fees based on all transaction elements
Manages disputes workflow processing
Provides flexible funds movement
Includes extensive online summaries and reports
Leverages an open architecture and is platform independent