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National Savings & Credit Bank goes live on Rubikon in just 5 months

National Savings and Credit Bank is owned by the Government of the Republic of Zambia. The Bank was created 36 years ago with a social mandate to promote increased access to financial services in rural and urban areas, mobilisation of savings and offering of prudent credit to foster economic growth. They have over 140,000 customers serviced through 29 branches.

Rubikon provides National Savings and Credit Bank with a web-based, online and realtime access, integrated workflow and CRM functionality, multi-channel delivery architecture and integrated banking intelligence. Implementation of the Rubikon core retail and treasury modules, including the data migration from the legacy system, was all achieved in 5 months and within budget.

Leonard Mwanza, Managing Director, National Savings and Credit bank, said, “Rubikon will increase the bank’s capacity to serve more customers better than ever before. This means that the bank will be able to develop innovative and affordable products to cater for our urban and rural customers. Additionally, the bank will now be able to open many more new branches and deliver its services through multiple channels. With Rubikon, we can’t wait to excite the Zambian market with Mobile and Internet Banking.” Mwanza also noted that in the current global financial market crisis, Rubikon “will help the bank to create products that will continue to add value to our customers and put in place procedures that will protect the savings and interest of our customers.”

Alan Goodrich, speaking for Neptune Software plc, concludes, “Going live with Rubikon in such a short time frame in a complex multi-branch environment is a fantastic achievement. A quick business win and return on investment for National Savings & Credit Bank, plus proof that implementing a new core banking system based on clean modern technology and architecture has immense benefits over the competition with products that represent maybe 20 year’s worth of technology layers that lead to typically much longer implementation time scales and thus higher costs and risks.”