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Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions launches Mobile Call Recording Platform in Asia Pacific

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, the leader in convergent voice and electronic trading infrastructure and services for the trading communities, today announced the release of its innovative mobile call recording platform, which enables secure trading via mobile phones.

The call recording solution is designed with compliance requirements in the forefront and is both secure and cost effective. It provides the same security and protection as recorded landlines for traders and can also be used by wealth managers, private bankers, fund managers or even medical and legal professionals. This highly resilient and simple to manage solution also ensures that mobiles are secure. Detailed information is consolidated for tracking and reporting and a risk alert provides insights into how mobiles are being used at all times, so that user support is proactive, recordings are easy to find and any anomalies are flagged immediately.

Henri Vautheny, vice president, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions said: “We recognise that as working practices evolve, our customers need technology that can keep up with these changes. Professionals need to be able to work securely, whether they are in the office or elsewhere and by using a mobile phone with our recording solution are able to do so. As experts in business continuity planning, we also know that mobiles can often act as a key component of a bank’s disaster recovery plan and if for example, disruption to normal trading is caused by a pandemic, a mobile alternative to securely recorded office landlines is essential”.

This new offering has been developed in conjunction with Voxsmart Ltd, the leading specialist in mobile call recording for BlackBerry and other smartphones. Voxsmart is a UK registered company that has developed its technology over five years, exported to Asia and is a BlackBerry Alliance Member, with case studies published by Research In Motion such as Thesis Plc. Integrating Voxsmart’s mobile technology, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions has created a recording solution that ensures security and best practice in terms of compliance. With its global infrastructure and expertise in this field, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions has been appointed by Voxsmart as the exclusive distributor in the Asia Pacific region.

“Professionals often discuss issues over their mobiles that could be disputed or investigated by regulators. By making mobile call recording simple and cost effective, both regulatory compliance and peace of mind are easier to achieve”, said, Oliver Bradford, product manager at Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions. “Our mobile call recording platform adds value to our voice trading customers ensuring they are protected when deals are made or advice is given over the landline or the mobile phone”.