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Linedata Services Embeds Powerful Counterparty Risk Reporting in Beauchamp FundManager

Linedata Services (LIN:FP), the global leader for investment and credit software, services and support, today announced version 6 of its Beauchamp FundManager product, the award-winning portfolio management solution for alternative investments.

New features in Beauchamp FundManager include counterparty risk reporting; increased throughput; enhanced fixed income coverage and improved financing calculation.

Powerful counterparty exposure reporting capabilities are now available to help managers understand their exposure to a counterparty across their portfolio. Developed in close collaboration with clients and now available as part of the core product, Beauchamp FundManager reporting includes both standard and configurable reports. The reporting fully exploits the depth and granularity of portfolio data held by the platform.

Enhanced scalability in Beauchamp FundManager is designed to meet the increased throughput demands from hedge fund managers and traditional investment managers using hedge fund techniques. Beauchamp FundManager’s architecture improvements include parallel processing of position updates and P&L and analytic calculation, ensuring that managers can maintain a true real-time view across the entire portfolio, even as volumes grow and markets get ever busier.

Increased fixed income coverage is one element of a continuous programme to ensure cross-asset support in Linedata’s platforms. FundManager now provides deep support for index-linked fixed income products such as TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities) as part of a broader quest to help clients banish side-spreadsheets in favour of robust, auditable platforms.

Enhanced financing calculation has also been included, with full support for the rebate-style financing on short positions that is prevalent in the Northern American markets.

“At Linedata Services, we are constantly seeking to improve our best-of-breed products in line with anticipated market developments and real customer requirements,” commented Stuart Calder, Product Director, Linedata Services. “Enhanced counterparty exposure reporting is high on our current and prospective customers’ wish lists, be they hedge funds or more traditional asset managers using hedge fund techniques. As managing risk of all types is paramount to clients, we have built this into our core product, harnessing the depth, power and scalability of the Beauchamp FundManager platform. Addressing another key trend, we have significantly enhanced the integration of Beauchamp FundManager with LongView Trading, our award-winning order management system, creating a seamless front-to-back office offering which leverages customers’ return on investment."