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Client Reporting: Globalisation versus Localisation versus Centralisation

3i Infotech – Western Europe, a global provider of IT solutions, today publishes its latest client reporting white paper. Entitled, “Client Reporting: Globalisation versus Localisation versus Centralisation”, the report discusses the considerations for multi-national organisations in delivering meaningful client reporting information when faced with national and cultural boundaries, and argues that although this may be complex, it is still achievable.

Providing an analysis of the key elements of producing client reports for an international client base, the white paper examines the impact of globalisation, and considers the question of centralisation versus localisation in the operational context. The white paper assesses the role of client reporting software applications in these differing scenarios and how technology can enable organisations to achieve their ultimate goals and objectives.

Key points include:
• Client reporting data has to come from multiple systems, it is key to invest in an application that can handle this and make this data meaningful
• The selected application needs to be able to cater for different languages and translate them into one common “reporting” language
• Of paramount importance is the ability to be able to adopt templates as required beyond the brand guidelines e.g. to cater for local regulatory wording