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TraderTools Announces Full CEP Integration With Its FX Pricing Module For Enhanced Flexibility And Performance

TraderTools Inc. (TraderTools), a provider of business solutions, software and services to financial institutions trading FX, announced today that it has upgraded the Pricing module of its Liquidity Management Platform (LMP) by fully integrating it with the CEP (Complex Event Processing) technology it recently licensed from Aleri.

Industry-standard rate generators provide basic “core” prices spread by customer category, quote, currency pair, etc. What differentiates the Pricing module of TraderTools' LMP is the inherent intelligence-gathering functionality of CEP. For example, a financial institution can now create custom-made rate models – based on its resting order book and net positions – to shape and skew prices more effectively.

“We are very excited about extending CEP integration to our Pricing module,” stated TraderTools' COO Yaacov Heidingsfeld. “We invite our customers to take full advantage of, what we consider to be, the most intelligent price maker in the FX industry.”