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Hanse Orga Releases AutoBank for SAP 4.2

Hanse Orga, provider of software tools in corporate finance management and financial accounting, today announced that the automatic bank reconciliation in SAP has just become even more efficient with the release of version 4.2 of AutoBank for SAP.

Many new functions and features make using AutoBank for SAP easier and more productive. New features include:

Refunds from Postprocessing, the new function 'refunds' was integrated in the postprocessing mask of AutoKonto. The user can refund payments that cannot be assigned to the payer account details.

Master Data Maintenance from Postprocessing, the manual postprocessing of AutoKonto provides a new function that allows the user to make comments in regard to the improvement of master data directly in the corresponding data records. The key user can look at the line items with comments and the performed postings in a separate transaction and can adjust the corresponding master data directly from this view.

Clarification Monitor, the clarification monitor is an additional central element for controlling and regulating the reconciliation process in AutoBank for SAP. All short messages that were sent within the postprocessing can be tracked via the clarification monitor. With the new transactions, the user receives a central overview and control of the current and historic clarification requests.

Mirroring Master Data – Export and Import, new transactions allow the transfer of AutoKonto and AutoAvis master data from one SAP system (for example: production system) to another (for example: test system). With this function the user can now use it’s master data from the production system to perform tests in the test system.

Enhancement of Conversion Functionality, bank statements of international banks often bring about problems when attempting to assign them because the payer information is not provided in a structured manner. A new function in AutoBank® for SAP® 4.2 provides a significant improvement for the automatic assignment of such data.

New Processing Log in the Reporting, the new processing log of version 4.2 saves processing steps and results historically. The user can now analyze the historical course of postings and use this information to determine possibly incorrect settings. The processing is logged across all levels of processing.