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QuIC Launches Capital Management Solution for Global Banks

QuIC Financial Technologies Inc, a global solutions provider of risk management, pricing and financial analytics, today announced the launch of its widely anticipated Capital Management Solution—a powerful and easy-to-use solution for calculating, measuring and managing both economic and regulatory capital.

“In response to increasing demands from our clients, we developed our new Capital Management Solution to help banks manage their economic and regulatory capital requirements with ease and confidence,” stated Justin Forrest, Executive Vice President of Global Sales for QuIC. “Because our solution delivers the most accurate, up-to-date and in-depth information concerning capital requirements, banks can better manage forward-looking capital projections under a range of scenarios, and make sound decisions throughout their organisations.”

As financial risks and capital requirements evolve, and as regulatory compliance guidelines continue to emerge, banks are demanding immediate accessibility to critical risk data, and visibility into their capital requirements. They must ensure investments in risk technology keep up with the constantly changing environment.

“For many banks, capital management has been limited by disparate technologies and simplistic modeling capabilities that lack integration, power and flexibility,” added Forrest. “The end result is a high degree of inefficient, inaccurate risk-based capital measures that provide limited visibility. Banks have been forced to rely on inappropriate data when making critical risk decisions.”

To address these needs, QuIC’s Capital Management Solution provides banks with an easily customisable, scalable and very fast system for calculating regulatory and economic capital requirements.

QuIC’s solution enables banks to not only ensure they have adequate capital to protect their global operations in extreme circumstances, but it also helps to drive better risk management and critical decision-making processes. By capturing risk data from across all operations and delivering highly accurate and granular risk-based calculations that are transparent and easy-to-understand, QuIC’s Capital Management Solution allows heads of business units and senior management to take controllable actions that improve financial performance.