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3i Infotech Wins For Best Technology At The Takaful Awards

On behalf of 3i Infotech, Faisal Khan, Director of Insurance and Banking, 3i Infotech - Western Europe, received the award for Best Technology Company at the Takaful Awards dinner, held at the Jumeriah Carlton Towers, 1 July. This is the second consecutive year that 3i Infotech has won this accolade.

On collecting the award Khan praised the Takaful industry for its impressive growth in the past year and underlined 3i Infotech’s commitment to supporting Takaful with the most advanced technology available. The PREMIA solution now has over 191 clients globally, and is leading the way in Takaful Insurance solutions with an impressive base of 24 PREMIA Takaful clients, acquiring five new name clients last year alone.

Commenting on the award, Pankaj Chawla, CEO and President, 3i Infotech Middle East, Africa, Russia and CIS, said, “Our sterling performance in the Takaful sector has been once again recognised at an international level. 3i Infotech is the leader in the Takaful sector with 24 leading Takaful companies operating on the 3i Infotech platform. The Best Takaful Technology Company award is a manifestation of our technological innovations, vision, market leadership and deep domain knowledge in the Takaful arena. The award is also testament to the strength, consistency, adaptability and reliability of our products. In accepting this award, we renew our commitment to the highest standards of quality in delivering our products and services to our existing and prospective clients.”