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NewRiver Summary Prospectus Index for July Indicates Continued Growth

NewRiver, Inc. today announced the most recent statistics for the NewRiver Summary Prospectus Indexsm, a complimentary service which tracks all summary prospectus filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) EDGAR database. Monthly Index findings show seven fund companies, including Nuveen Funds, have filed 52 standalone summary prospectuses, and thirty-four fund companies have filed summary sections within 208 statutory prospectuses.

Support for summary prospectus remains high according to attendees of a recent May 18 webinar as more than three out of five (66%) stated they would adopt the new rule. According to the poll, the majority (79%) of these fund companies said they would adopt a summary prospectus within the next twelve months while 85 percent said they envision using print-on-demand to support summary prospectus delivery.

“Clearly, fund firms understand the transformational economics of the SEC rule,” said Len Driscoll, Chief Client Officer of NewRiver, Inc. “The webinar poll demonstrates that fund firms have placed a high priority on this initiative as indicated by their stated implementation timelines. And of the firms we have spoken to, the vast majority who are adopting the summary prospectus are in favor of a print-on-demand solution as the poll indicates.”

NewRiver’s linking and layering solution supports this print on-demand capability and allows fund companies to get up and running quickly. Firms used to pre-print and ship the longer statutory prospectus because the economics supported offset printing. But now with a streamlined document, digital print-on-demand is the most efficient and cost-effective workflow.

“Many mutual fund companies currently are preparing and filing updated statutory prospectuses reflecting the new summary sections,” stated Francine Rosenberger, partner in the Investment Management practice at law firm K&L Gates. “They are doing so primarily to move ahead of the filing curve and manage the 60-day SEC review and comment process. This also will allow mutual funds to ease into implementing the use and delivery of summary prospectuses in 2010.”