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National Security risks identified by Safe Banking Systems

Sword FircoSoft, the leading global provider of watchlist filtering solutions, today announces that their long-time partner, Safe Banking Systems (SBS), has discovered that 6 men convicted of terrorist actions still retained their aviation license, despite anti-terrorist regulations enforced after September 11th, 2001 attacks.

On 26th June 2009, Safe Banking Systems issued their “F.A.A. Airmen Registry Report” in which they highlighted the case of six out of the dozen convicted or suspected terrorists they found still being certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, even when two of them appear to be listed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Ten Most Wanted List.

SBS started by collecting publicly available data such as the FAA Airmen Registry and processed the data against lists of high-risk individuals, using Sword FircoSoft’s watchlist filtering solution, Firco Filtering Suite. Sword FircoSoft’s best-in-class filtering technology allowed the terrorist names to be matched despite the typos, misspellings, truncated data and misrendered names contained in the F.A.A. database. Within two hours of testing, a dozen matches were confirmed. SBS’ report highlights six cases of persons certified by the F.A.A., including “the Lockerbie bombers, illegal dealer of F-14 parts to Iran, Hizballah supporter, producer of Biological Weapons and major drug traffickers”.

“The Transportation Security Administration and the F.A.A. took immediate action in twenty-four hours after Matt Wald, a NYTimes reporter covering aviation and terrorism, advised them of the names contained in the public service report we issued on Thursday, June 25th “, says David Schiffer, SBS Founder and President. The only way to beat them is to outsmart them," says Schiffer. Our job is to delve into the depths of massive databases -- bank accounts, passport applications, criminal records, suspicious affiliations--in which they seek to camouflage themselves, to hide undetected, and to identify and root them out before they can take their toll.