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Triple Point Launches New Product for Emissions Trading and Management

Triple Point Technology, the leading global provider of multi-market commodity and enterprise risk management software solutions, announced today Commodity XL for Emissions. Commodity XL for Emissions enables organizations to track, manage, analyze, comply and report against all regulatory schemes around the world including the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS), National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS), US Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and California Climate Action Registry (CCAR).

“Many analysts forecast emissions to become the most widely traded derivative product in the next 20 years, surpassing even T-Bills with the market growing to over US$3 trillion,” said Michael Schwartz, chief marketing officer, Triple Point. “Emissions management is a corporate governance and compliance issue for our customers but it also offers a potentially large trading opportunity when handled with a sophisticated, multi-commodity platform such as Commodity XL.”

Commodity XL for Emissions is the only solution that handles the full scope of emissions trading and management across all regulatory schemes on a multi-commodity platform. It is the most sophisticated and flexible system available that supports organizational corporate governance strategies in the quickly evolving emissions market. Commodity XL for Emissions tracks position by installation, business line, company, country or any other hierarchical level enabling identification of any shortfalls or surpluses in compliance position. This ensures timely and accurate reporting to regulatory bodies. Commodity XL for Emissions provides what-if scenario analysis to optimize abatement strategies, fuel switching alternatives and trading programs.

Key Benefits:
•Comply and report against all regulatory requirements including EUETS, NGERS, RGGI, CCAR
•Track and manage emission and allowance portfolios in real-time
•Enhance abatement and trade strategies using what-if scenarios
•Identify shortfalls or surpluses in compliance position
•Avoid penalties for non-compliance

“Commodity XL was designed from its initial stage as a multi-commodity platform with the intent that new assets classes, such as biofuels and emissions, would be added as commodity markets evolved,” noted Mike Ravo, VP, industry solutions, Triple Point. “Emissions are a by-product of fossil fuel usage and are quickly becoming a critical element in managing a risk portfolio.”