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Patsystems’ Risk Management Products Meet Market Demand

As regulators in the U.S. and Europe look to introduce tougher regulations for firms trading in derivatives, some banks and brokerage firms are starting to look for technology that will automate new reporting requirements, such as daily reporting of positions and trades. Couple this with the overall focus on risk management technology and you have a real demand for Patsystems’ pre- and post-trade risk management products.

Patsystems offers standalone, platform-independent pre- and post-trade risk management systems. While these systems are designed to manage risk for futures and options, they also support CFDs, FX, Cash Bonds, Cash Equities and Credit Default Swaps.

Risk Informer is Patsystems’ post-trade risk management module. Risk Informer calculates margin requirements in real-time using standard margin methodologies including SPAN®, TIMS, and proprietary margin calculation. It aggregates trades on a real-time basis and provides a consolidated view in real-time as the trades are executed. Risk Informer has been selected by leading banks and brokerage firms such as Deutsche Bank, GH Financials, MF Global, Newedge, Prudential Bache Commodities and RBC Capital Markets Corporation.

Risk Alert is Patsystems’ new pre-trade risk system which is nearing the end of its beta-testing phase at a client site in London. Patsystems Risk Alert is designed for institutions looking to implement a consistent pre-trade risk management process across all trading platforms. The flexibility of Risk Alert enables all risk parameters, trading limits, account hierarchies and access permissions to be under the control of the risk administrator.

The platform independence of Risk Informer and Risk Alert allow for easy integration with any trading system, including FIX-based message systems.

David Webber, Chief Executive Officer, Patsystems said “The recent turbulence in the economic markets has highlighted the need for effective risk management systems. This has been clearly demonstrated through an increased demand for Patsystems’ Risk Informer, the only post-trade system in the market which enables clients to assess their positions in real-time. With our pre-trade product, Risk Alert, nearing the end of its beta testing, we will soon be able to offer our clients the ability to check their exposure at any given time, both before and after trades, and thereby de-risking their businesses at a time of unprecedented uncertainty.”