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Keele University Ensures Successful Telethon with Albanyverify from Albany Software

Keele University, located near Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, has selected ALBANYverify from market-leading e-transaction software author to ensure fast, accurate verification of UK bank account details. The new solution, one of the most comprehensive available for improving the accuracy of information associated with payments and collections, will enable Keele University to greatly reduce the costly, time-consuming errors associated with data input.

Simple, fast and effective, the powerful architecture of ALBANYverify will allow the university to validate the complete bank account details of donors to the Keele Key Fund using the powerful ISCD (Industry Sorting Code Directory). This will enable successful processing of funds, saving the University valuable time and money in administration, greatly reducing the need to manually amend incorrect information.

Robin Cross, Fundraising Officer at Keele University was fundamental in the decision to purchase the new software. He comments, “The software was bought specifically for the telethon as we needed to ensure that we could immediately verify any account before creating a paperless Direct Debit and did not keep donors waiting any longer than necessary. At the touch of a button, ALBANYverify enables us to instantly validate account information and process donation deductions without delay, thereby speeding up the entire process.”

The Keele Key Fund offers an opportunity for alumni and others to make a real difference to both students and the university through single or regular donations, supporting a wide range of projects. The telethon, recruits Keele student callers who engage in a telephone campaign contacting groups of alumni to promote the Keele Key Fund and encourage Keele Alumni to contribute to the fund.

The new software solution has also benefited the university in terms of its own cash flow. Cross explains, “We now no longer have to wait for donation forms to be returned as our callers can verify the details whilst making the calll.”

Following the success of the telethon, Keele University are looking to roll out the software to other departments of the university. Cross explains, “One thing we had in mind when we bought the software was that it could be implemented in other areas. We are going to look to use ALBANYverify wherever students have to make payments using their debit and credit cards, particularly in the Conference and Facilities Management department, who are responsible for the management of student accommodation. The solution is so comprehensive that there are possibilities for us to use it across numerous areas of the university.”