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Client Reporting Vital To Retaining Business In The Recession

3i Infotech, a global provider of IT solutions, today publishes the findings of its latest client reporting white paper. Entitled, “Client Reporting Teams – The Unsung Heroes of the Investment Management World”, the report demonstrates the importance of the work client reporting teams do in meeting the exacting demands of clients, and showcasing the work of the business.

Providing an analysis of the key elements of client reporting; experience, systems and value added activity, the white paper assesses the role of technology in assisting client reporting teams in bringing together ever more complex data in a meaningful and relevant format.

Key findings include:

• Many client reporting teams struggle with legacy systems that do not fully support their activities

• Systems that offer a holistic solution should be considered over single application offerings

• Increasing demands for value-added activities require sophisticated systems that can model multiple data sources

• Assisting the work of client reporting teams should be a key business priority.