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Quasar Capital Management Launches in Paris Using Imagine Software

Imagine Software, a leading provider of real-time portfolio and risk management solutions worldwide, today announced Paris-based Quasar Capital Management had selected its award-winning service for use with the firm’s new hedge fund.

Imagine has been up and running at Quasar since the launch of the firm’s Orion fund in December of last year. Jerome Barraquand, co-founder of Quasar, stated “Our flagship Orion fund uses a diverse mix of futures across assets classes, fixed income instruments and derivatives. Hence, a robust, high-performance real-time portfolio and risk solution is necessary.”

Barraquand noted his firm had conducted thorough due diligence on available vendor solutions. “Imagine’s service stood out from other vendors’ product offerings because of several factors. First and foremost, it is a powerful real-time portfolio and risk solution that is also cost-effective. The fact that it is an affordable ASP service means we were able to avoid the major investment in IT support traditionally associated with institutional-grade solutions. Fast implementation time measured in weeks was certainly attractive to us, as well. We were also pleased by the customization capabilities of the system, which enable us to devise our own performance and risk measures.”

According to Barraquand, “The final factor that convinced us to take on Imagine was the data management component that is an integral part of the offering. The value Imagine provides by including corporate actions processing, a security master, live market data and prices, curves, volatility and correlation data, for example, is substantial and results in further resource savings for us.”

Yvonne Dahl, Director of Sales and Marketing at Imagine, said: “Quasar’s business team is a great example of a new hedge fund utilizing technology to improve its ability to execute its investment strategy and prepare for growth. We look forward to supporting their business plans every step of the way.”