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Orc Software announces new trading enhancements in Orc Trading 8.0

Orc Software (SSE: ORC), the leading global provider of technology for advanced derivatives trading and connectivity solutions, has announced that Orc Trading 8.0 is now available to customers globally.
Orc Trading 8.0 delivers important enhancements that improve trader productivity, increase trading visibility, and provide greater performance.

Some of Orc Trading 8.0’s improvements include:

• Strategy monitoring enhancements: Orc Trading 8.0 adds the ability to easily view trades and other information generated by the Orc Liquidator algorithmic trading engine directly within Orc Trader’s trading pages. In addition, tools that provide a “bird’s-eye view” of running strategies allow traders to more quickly see the entire picture of how a strategy is performing in the market and respond faster to changing conditions.

• New system monitoring and control: Orc Trading 8.0 introduces algorithmic trading customers to JMX, an industry standard Java monitoring technology, that give traders insight into multiple algorithmic trading engines’ activities as well as unparalleled strategy control.

• Performance: Orc Trading 8.0 provides even greater capabilities for handling growing market data volumes. Strategy response time improves as a result, allowing even faster trading. Scalability has also improved giving traders the ability to take on more trading activity and further improve their productivity.

• New Volatility Management Functionality: Orc Trading 8.0 adds new functionality to Orc’s already powerful volatility management functionality giving traders customizable risk value calculations and greater pricing control.

“Orc Trading 8.0 greatly enhances the capabilities to address today’s challenging trading environment,” notes Joacim Wiklander, VP of Product Management for Orc Software. “With this release, we’re giving our customers improved functionality and performance to help make their trading more profitable.”

“Whether undertaking automated trading or traditional trading, Orc Trading 8.0 provides the tools that traders need to be successful,” comments Katixa Rybalka, Senior Product Manager for Orc Software. “We expect new and existing customers alike to see significant benefits from this release.”

Orc Trading is used by leading financial firms worldwide for enhanced trading and risk management for electronically traded derivatives. It encompasses both screen-based trading and algorithmic trading for firms to trade any listed instrument, across all asset classes, on 100+ markets.