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Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions launches its first Trading Network

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions today announced the launch of the first global IP MPLS (Internet Protocol Multi Protocol Label Switching) trading network - a secure financial transaction platform to better integrate and deliver critical real-time extranet trading applications. This network will help facilitate trading between counterparties, building on their existing experience, knowledge and trust within the global financial community.

For over 40 years, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions has been providing unified communications to both the trading floor and the trading community. Their innovation and excellence as a provider of voice turrets and network communications has long been recognised within the industry. With 40,000 voice turrets deployed in more than 2,000 trading floors, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions is an established communications partner to many of the world’s leading financial firms.

The exponentially increasing electronic trading message rates and volumes are dramatically changing the needs of trading institutions. To respond to this, Orange Business Services has built a new, dedicated Trading Network using the latest, homogeneous technology optimised for performance.

Readily available, the network will enable financial services companies to gain access to all of the major financial hubs in the world, while guaranteeing neutrality, security and communication flow segregation to all participants. The trading network has been designed to meet demanding service requirements that bring unprecedented simplicity to the task of connecting the financial community.

Commenting on the launch, Lionel Grosclaude, Chief Operating Officer, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions said, “We have been a leader in providing trading solutions for more than 40 years which means we fully understand the financial services market and the needs of our customers. Market fragmentation and increased regulatory requirements have encouraged both greater competition and transparency with a greater need for low latency, all factors dramatically changing the requirements of today’s trader. Launching a state-of-the-art network dedicated to the financial community is proof of our commitment and ability to adapt our strategy to meet the stringent demands of our customers and respond to changes in the market as the nature of voice and electronic trading changes and grows”.