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CoCoNet enhances MULTIVERSA IBS by OFTP access protocol

CoCoNet enhances the modern e-banking-platform MULTIVERSA IBS International Banking Server through an OFTP access channel (Odette File Transfer Protocol) for the data transmission between international banks and corporate customers. MULTIVERSA IBS is a modular and scalable platform for receiving and processing payment transaction data and delivering customer specific account information like account statements, intraday reports, returns and foreign exchange rate information.

The initial situation at banks that now also offer the OFTP access channel was formed by important corporate customers, mainly from the automotive industry. For the exchange of payment transaction data with banks they predominantly use procedures that are not bank-standardised. As OFTP is a commonly used communications protocol among automotive companies, now the OFTP channel can also be deployed for the file exchange with banks including the variations: receiving, sending and sending on demand. For the transmission of files, the newly created OFTP access channel uses the networks ISDN and X.25. Besides the existing channels BCS-FTAM, EBICS and the MULTIWEB Banking protocol developed by CoCoNet the OFTP channel represents an additional access channel for corporate customers.

The OFTP access enables the submission of files and the active sending of so called supply data, such as account information. Furthermore, the OFTP channel supports the "change direction mode", resulting in the delivery of data that is available for the customer at the bank (STA, VMK, etc.) back to the submitting customer. As an option customers can request status information from the bank via OFTP, e.g. regarding the state of the order processing.
By managing the active sending the operating company can schedule the sending of supply data such as account statements and intraday reports (STA/VMK, MT940/942) according to the company's availability.

The OFT protocol complements the existing access channels for the host-to-host connectivity.
A widespread access product for corporate customers of banks besides CoCoNet’s high-end portal MULTIVERSA IFP International Banking Portal is the MULTIWEB Banking Client, working as a Java applet. In addition to EBICS it uses the proprietary protocol MULTIWEB Banking.

MULTIVERSA IBS supports the multi-bank standard for corporates in Germany: EBICS. The Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard will be valid also for France as of 2009. Since January 2008 banks in Germany offer EBICS that is based on existing BCS-order types and formats, for data exchange via Internet.

For the communication of corporates with banks SWIFT offers the three models MA-CUG, SCORE and SWIFT Alliance Lite. In this context MULTIVERSA IBS receives payments from the SWIFTNet designated for being booked in the bank’s back-end. The MT940 messages handed over form the back-end to MULTIVERSA IBS are subsequently automatically forwarded by MULTIVERSA IBS to the customers via SWIFTNet.

The banking server MULTIVERSA IBS now including the support of the additional OFTP channel is a future-proof central platform for the receipt and the delivery of data from and to bank customers.