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Triple Point Announces Version 5.0 of Commodity XL for Credit Risk

Triple Point Technology®, the leading global provider of multi-market commodity and enterprise risk management software solutions, announced today the release of Commodity XL for Credit Risk™ 5.0.

Version 5.0 marks the first major release of Triple Point’s premier credit risk management software since it acquired ROME Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise credit risk solutions, in July 2008. Commodity XL for Credit Risk, formerly ROME CreditRisk, is used by the most recognized companies in the energy and commodity marketplace. It offers a complete end-to-end solution integrating exposure management, collateral management, counterparty management, credit analytics, credit scoring and reporting into a single transparent framework.

The repercussions of the credit crisis are being felt far and wide. The waterfall of cash that once flooded the market has gone dry, and the potential for counterparty defaults has increased dramatically. The new era of credit risk management requires an up-to–the- minute consolidated view of counterparty exposure and reliable intelligence to optimize constricted capital resources.

“Given the current economic landscape companies are evaluating their existing risk management processes and discovering that credit risk systems have been neglected and are insufficient to handle the uncertainties of today’s market,” said Dan Reid, VP, credit risk division, Triple Point. “The lack of available credit has made collateral optimization a necessity to stay competitive and enable the business to continue to generate revenue. With the release of 5.0 we are helping companies optimize collateral and providing enhanced analytical capabilities to run the scenarios we never thought would happen, but are now a reality.”

Commodity XL for Credit Risk 5.0 provides out-of-the-box support for collateral optimization, deeper insight into collateral utilization and enhanced capabilities to analyze portfolio-level counterparty credit risk in order to make critical risk-adjusted decisions with confidence.

In most organizations, the critical information needed to monitor inbound and outbound collateral and optimize capital efficiency is fragmented at the deal and counterparty level across various systems and spreadsheets. Manually consolidating the details into useful information is inefficient and error-prone. Triple Point’s breakthrough collateral functionality offers a consolidated analysis of all collateral obligations and automatically applies the most contractually favorable collateral strategy across cash, letters of credit and guarantees. New Liquidity Management functionality provides the most granular detail into collateral utilization. Commodity XL for Credit Risk 5.0 delivers improved cash flow reporting and liquidity savings to support successful trading while applying the best credit protection available.

Commodity XL for Credit Risk 5.0 has been enhanced with a host of new capabilities, from collateral optimization to new portfolio functionality, that build on the most complete end-to-end enterprise credit risk solution available:

• Enhanced Portfolios - Key 5.0 additions include new filters to slice and dice data and improved insight into foreign exchange exposure. Decision-makers are empowered to view multiple risk portfolios and better analyze the business impact of critical decisions.

• Deeper Analytical Insights - Enhanced functionality for what-if scenarios, pre-deal checks and statistical stress testing provides reliable intelligence for fact-based decisions.

• Crude and Liquids Support – Management of deal level, event-based exposure enables improved business process support for unique terms and conditions of the crude and liquids business.

• Improved Usability and Data Visibility - Greater visibility into upstream deals and entity list publishing enables users to create custom lists and share views improving collaboration, ease-of-use and productivity.

“Customers are asking for a risk management solution that breaks down traditional silos and provides an enterprise-wide risk view,” explains Michael Schwartz, chief marketing officer, Triple Point. “Commodity XL for Credit Risk is a key component in Triple Point’s Enterprise Risk Management Suite, which integrates market, operational, regulatory and counterparty credit risk on a single, real-time platform and provides comprehensive analysis of the risk factors facing global commodities organizations.”