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MULTIVERSA IFP with automated and manual forecast functionality

CoCoNet, the innovative supplier of e-banking portal solutions, has recently enhanced the comprehensive cash management functionalities of its market leading e-banking channel MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal by an improved up-to-date liquidity forecast.

Efficient cash management has become an indispensable instrument for successful companies in competitive markets. In order to provide treasurers with the best possible financial transparency, MULTIVERSA IFP offers a comprehensive overview of the companies’ liquidity enabling corporate financial managers to monitor all currently relevant payment flows.

Precise liquidity forecasts are crucial for cash management decisions. The more planning data are available the better and more precise the liquidity planning is. MULTIVERSA IFP provides multiple options for the integration of planning data. The user can manually enter planning data from expected incoming and outgoing payments such as future payments from unsettled invoices, wages etc. The necessary details are amount, value date, currency and frequency - one-off or recurring (weekly, monthly, etc.).

MULTIVERSA IFP as a joint system for payment and cash management processing can fully consider the payment orders from entered payments into the automated forecast generation. Open transfer positions out of cash pooling are also automatically considered as forecasts.

The system reconciles planning data frequently, based on the booked transactions and parameters like account, amount, date and payment ID. Thus, automated reconciliation saves time in the daily work of a corporate treasurer. Optionally the user can manually reconcile forecasts and actual transactions.

The comprehensive forecast functionality will further increase the attractiveness and the value of MULTIVERSA IFP as the premium e-banking channel for corporates.