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FundWorks launches on-demand document outsourcing service

FundWorks today announces the launch of On-Demand Document Server, a fully managed document production service for financial services organisations. The service is built on FundWorks’ Client Communications Platform and integrates Adobe InDesign® for web- and print-ready document generation.

Following widespread industry demand for enhanced customer service through larger volumes of ad-hoc documentation, the service can deliver all types of reports, statements or factsheets for institutional and retail use. Fully automated and hosted on FundWorks data centres, FundWorks combines the straight-through capabilities of its Platform with the rendering capabilities of Adobe InDesign® in a seamless, end-to-end process.

The service is delivered though an Ajax-powered Rich Internet Application (RIA), allowing asset managers to manage content, design documents and render them in real-time. The web application also includes a configurable workflow system which can perform validation routines prior to production to ensure data integrity and accuracy. Following a post-production review and sign off, the distribution mechanisms transmit documents to individuals, portals, printers and fulfilment houses.

Simon Rose, Managing Director at FundWorks comments, “The On-Demand Document Server not only enables complex documents to be rendered in real-time, but now allows business users to dynamically interact with the template design and content. A major step forward for the industry, it harnesses InDesign’s powerful rendering engine to deliver high volumes of personalized, print-ready financial documentation”.

Paul Lumsden, Head of Product Management at FundWorks added, “The incorporation of Adobe InDesign® into FundWorks’ Client Communications Platform allows financial services organizations to better engage with their clients and consistently exceed their expectations. Retaining clients in a profitable, long term relationship has never been more critical but it remains important to streamline costs and deliver productivity gains. We strongly believe that InDesign® in combination with the FundWorks’ platform provides the necessary innovation to ensure asset managers remain competitive”.