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Netik reduces costs for Money Managers and Investor Services Firms with new hosted and managed service for Client Reporting

Netik LLC, the industry's leading financial data management and reporting vendor today expanded its data management and client reporting capabilities with the packaging of the Netik Information PortalSM as a service for Money Managers and Investor Services firms.

The Netik Information Portal is the result of over a decade of building the most sophisticated portals for very large and leading securities and investment firms. It provides over 300 separate report templates and web-enabled queries that are available out-of-the-box and used by 7 of the top 10 securities firms. Leveraging the intellectual property of Netik’s core product, Netik InterView, Netik has packaged the knowledge, investment and experience to create pre-configured reports and queries in a hosted environment. Uniquely for the industry, the new Netik client reporting solution is a fully managed service deploying not only industry-leading technology, but also highly skilled people working within proven, well governed, processes.

Netik’s Information Portal provides transparency on information regardless of its origin and uses sophisticated methods to communicate this information. The portal ties together all types of data across the investment value chain including party-of-interest, market and reference data, portfolio accounting and performance, attribution and risk analytics. The portal enables multi channel distribution for end-customers and users - whether that be through flexible on-line web-based inquiries, scheduled reports, dashboards, multi-dimensional cubes, periodic high quality report packs, as well as data extracts. The Netik Information Portal is a ‘programmer free’ environment for both internal users and external customers providing users with the ability to create new reports and queries that can be modified by the user within minutes and added to their own library.

Uniquely, at the heart of Netik’s hosted and fully managed service is Netik’s global data operations team, who can undertake the often onerous task of checking the collection and validation of data across the multiple data sources on behalf of the client services team to enable timely reporting. The combination with Netik’s proven software product, well-honed operational processes and clear policies (including SLA’s with teeth) can enable Money Managers and Investor Services firms to realize significant cost savings while at the same time receiving exceptionally high quality of service.

John Wise, CEO, commented “With the Information Portal, Netik provides a solution ‘for the moment’ in today’s market that needs to see a significant reduction in the end-to-end operations cost of reporting. Customers of Netik’s Information Portal can expect to see a reduction of up to 30%, dependant upon their specific requirements. Such cost savings are a direct result of Netik’s process automation, operational team and proven client reporting platform.” In addition to data validation checking, report generation and verification, Netik’s specialist operational team can make any changes to reports quickly turned around within hours at month end, based on the governance of a proven framework of SLA’s.

New source systems are quickly integrated to add new sources of data, leveraging existing files that have already been published. Netik’s team of specialists has more experience of integrating financial systems, whether market and reference data, portfolio accounting, risk management, performance and attribution, than any other provider in the market today, with more than 250 people supporting customers worldwide from Hong Kong to South Africa, Middle East, Europe and North America. This includes a 24x7 help desk to support customers. The Information Portal has a mature data repository and data model providing comprehensive coverage for the securities and investment market, and this breadth and depth of data coverage means that users can visualize and explore information regardless of its origin.

John Wise, CEO, commented “In the wake of recent events, firms have again realized the urgent need to achieve excellence in the complex data management that supports client reporting, on-line inquiries and business intelligence. This means excellence in coverage and acquisition of data, its cleansing and aggregation – all strictly governed by process workflows that nevertheless allow customization by internal and external users. Crucially, clients can achieve rapid time to market for new deliveries and custom changes. Netik’s Information Portal meets all of these needs via a unique service that, not only delivers significant cost savings, but provides a consistent single source of data that enables companies to visualize their financial data and successfully leverage it for powerful reporting and business intelligence.”