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Neonet Launches a New Generation of Its Smart Order Routing Technology

Neonet, the neutral provider of global direct market access brokerage services and trading technology, is launching a new generation of its Smart Order Routing technology for Best Execution in shares traded on multiple markets. The added functionality includes the possibility to configure the Smart Order Router for aggressive (removing liquidity) and passive (posting
liquidity) routing strategies on Europe's traditional and alternative markets.

"Based on Neonet's experience from automated trading across the US and European alternative and primary marketplaces, we have taken our Smart Order Routing technology to the next level. The new functionality gives traders more options when seeking Best Execution across multiple marketplaces. With infrastructure, software and multiple market connections, we are dedicated to lead the way into the new financial landscape," states Simon Nathanson, CEO and President of Neonet.

Neonet's Smart Order Router finds the appropriate execution strategy based on order characteristics, current market situation and clients preferences. Besides finding the best price, the clients can configure the Smart Order Router based on preferences for aggressive execution, passive execution and transaction costs saving strategies. These options

- Advanced Liquidity Finding Algorithms that seek hidden and visible liquidity across both traditional and alternative markets to minimize impact.
- Swift aggressive execution strategies that operate within a configurable price range for high speed execution.
- Configurable aggressive execution priority lists to protect own membership market shares or to control costs for marketplace and clearing.
- Configurable strategies for posting liquidity to reach the highest probability of execution and to control costs for marketplace and clearing.

The entire lifecycle of the order is controlled to ensure possible execution opportunities in fast-moving markets and orders are automatically moved to the destination(s) where it is most likely to be executed. Clients may post liquidity on preferred marketplaces, avoid splitting orders and several other measures to take advantage of differences in cost structures between markets. The configuration ensures that trading will comply fully with the clients' own Best Execution policies.

Neonet's Smart Order Routing is an integrated part of its Consolidated European Order Book Offering that brings together the liquidity of traditional and alternative markets. By bringing relevant high-speed market data into one consolidated order book, it creates a transparent view over European trading. Trading is executed in the client's or Neonet's memberships, or combinations of both.

Neonet's trading capabilities can be accessed via Neonet's trading application, the Neonet Trader, or third party platforms (using FIX). In addition, clients can gain access to the functionality via Neonet's software offering Neonet XG through a license arrangement. Neonet only acts on behalf of its clients, avoiding potential conflicts.

Neonet discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act.