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SAS visualisation reveals true value of analytics at ESS Analysis

A down economy needn’t deter analytics-savvy executives from growth and profitability goals. SAS Visual Data Discovery’s leading-edge predictive analytics and visualisation provide clear and concise decision support. Delivering on their promise to eliminate ‘black box’ analysis, executives at ESS Analysis selected SAS, the leader in business analytics, to power both strategic and operational solutions. With SAS Visual Data Discovery, ESS clients get dynamic statistical analysis capabilities integrated with the industry’s most comprehensive software platform.

“In the current economic environment, the need for sophisticated and actionable analysis becomes more important, not less. Understanding how one can optimise resources has never been more important to businesses, said Ranjan Mishra, President and Founder of ESS Analysis, a consulting firm reporting early results. “Executives, marketers and analysts we work with are amazed at how fast SAS analyses vast amounts of data—beyond where other software gives up. With SAS Visual Data Discovery, decision makers interact directly with graphs to clarify organisational impacts and find hidden opportunities so they can take necessary action with confidence.”

Using SAS’ industry-leading analytics, ESS is expanding its ability to help clients overcome limitations in spreadsheets, static graphs, charts and tabular reports. ESS is implementing systems that give clients a non-programming environment to point-and-click through the interface, even customising their own analyses. Business problems that ESS has solved with the software include sub-prime customer base related issues, addressing the impact of 4G wireless on the converged landscape, overcoming the economic downturn by leveraging segmentation strategies and managing end-to-end customer lifecycle profitability.

SAS Visual Data Discovery is powered by SAS analytics and JMP® software. It lets users grab, spin and slice data, viewing it from multiple dimensions. Interactive graphs include 3-D scatterplots, graph matrix, needle plots and summary charts. Animated bubble plots put graphs in motion, creating interactive “data movies” for a more engaging and fruitful discovery process.

“SAS Visual Data Discovery delivers a range of SAS’ advanced analytics through an interactive, point-and-click interface,” said Mike Gilliland, Product Marketing Manager at SAS. “SAS Visual Data Discovery leverages core SAS capabilities, including analytics, stored services/processes, centralised metadata, SAS code, SAS reports and SAS output. Now, users don’t have to wait for IT to fulfil ad hoc requests. They can explore data on their own, see trends and communicate the results on their own time tables.”

SAS delivers turnkey solutions for vertical markets such as financial services, life sciences, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and manufacturing. SAS targeted business solutions support enterprise intelligence, customer intelligence, financial intelligence, supply chain intelligence and more.