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Fix Flyer Unleashes High Speed Transformationand Version 3.0 Fix Engine

FIX Flyer, an innovator in trading solutions for electronic trading, that it has released for general production version 3.0 of their high performing FIX engine. Also today, FIX Flyer announces that their High Speed Transformation Engine (HST) for FIX that makes it much easier to manage nuanced differences in counterparty versions of the protocol without sacrificing performance. The solution is a core component of multi-asset, mission critical non-stop electronic trading.

The HST Engine works with any commercial, open source, or proprietary FIX engine. It also unloads the burden of critical CPU cycles required for typical message transformations handled inside the trading application. HST is easily managed by an analyst or support person using the point and click GUI interface. Keeping this task away from development saves a lot of time and expense.

The HST Engine has been tuned for the lowest latency and highest performance possible. For a stateful FIX 4.2 to FIX 4.0 conversion on a single CPU, the HST introduced latency measured in microseconds.

Flyer’s latest FIX engine delivers faster discrete messaging performance to high-end networks and professional trading applications. It’s the ultimate solution for statistical arbitrageurs, low latency traders, and exchange operations.

• FIX 5.0 support
• Next generation of replication supporting both Async and Sync updates
• In-process API for embedding the engine into applications to reduce latency and process control
• Embedded FIX routing based on standard session header tags
• Drop copy option for routed FIX sessions
• Lots of performance enhancements for throughput and latency
• Updated SDK with more documentation, examples for installation, configuration, and solution guidelines
• Optional Unix style confd configuration
• Event notification framework through middleware
• Many additional real-time commands