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Bank of Scotland Investment Services goes Live with rhymeSIGHT Reporting to Clients

Rhyme Systems, a division of 3i Infotech – Western Europe and a leading provider of asset management solutions, today announces that Bank of Scotland Investment Services (BOSIS), a part of the HBOS Group, has implemented rhymeSIGHT Reporting to Clients.

Developed to combat the increasing complexities associated with client reporting and to address requirements outside of traditional reporting solutions, the standalone solution provides complete automation of the production process. rhymeSIGHT Reporting to Clients will provide BOSIS with the ability to manage and represent multiple data sources in a single, high quality customer report.

Now fully implemented, tested and operational, the solution has significantly streamlined the report production process and delivered a tenfold improvement in efficiency.

“Bank of Scotland Investment Services has developed a reputation for providing customers with first rate customer service and in-depth industry knowledge and expertise” said Ian Hallam, rhymeSIGHT Business Unit Manager, Rhyme Systems. “We believe this service underlines Rhyme Systems’ intimate knowledge of the investment management industry and provides BOSIS with a fully integrated reporting solution that is tailored to meet future business demands."

Stephen Webster, Head of Operations, Bank of Scotland Investment Services added, “Effective reporting is key to our business. By automating the production process, rhymeSIGHT Reporting to Clients provides our investment managers and their customers with an accurate and comprehensive overview of their financial portfolio.”

Rhyme Systems is the UK market leader in asset management solutions, with four out of the top five private wealth managers using its software and services. Clients include Barclays Wealth, Rathbones, Jupiter and RBS Coutts.