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Actuate 10 Extends Open Source BIRT for Any Deployment

Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTU), the leader in delivering Rich Internet Applications Without Limits™, today announced the impending release of Actuate 10, the latest iteration of its flagship product line. Actuate 10 extends Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) to deliver rich, highly interactive enterprise and customer-facing information applications.

Organisations that want to present structured data as Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) using BIRT as a foundation, can now use the Actuate 10 value added product line to:

• Build any information rich interactive content using BIRT: including Flash-based content, dashboards and dynamic statements for any interface.

• Deploy BIRT to satisfy any scope: leveraging Actuate’s industry leading performance, scale, reliability and security capabilities.

• Develop BIRT content efficiently: using a developer-centric design environment and open APIs to satisfy any content requirement.

The Eclipse BIRT project was initiated by Actuate to provide the basic capabilities needed to embed structured data within a web application. In addition to being a primary committer of code to the BIRT project, Actuate offers value-added products for BIRT implementations. Actuate 10 adds graphical, interactive and enterprise-ready capabilities to BIRT to meet growing user expectations that web content be dynamic, customizable and highly interactive.

“Actuate 10 provides analytic visualisation catered to meet the business user’s need for rich interactive information without the need for IT intervention, ” said Mark Smith, CEO and EVP of Research at Ventana Research. “Actuate 10 is bringing analytics to a new level by enhancing the power of information to meet today’s needs – improving performance across operations and at the same time helping application developers embody analytics by leveraging the open source BIRT capabilities to successful large-scale deployments.”

Benefits of Actuate 10

The major business benefits of Actuate 10 include:

• Faster time to market for information-based, rich, interactive content.

• Scalable applications that keep pace with end user demand and business needs.

• The ability to iteratively develop an application to preserve momentum, rather than pausing and having to design a new application from scratch.

The release of Actuate 10 builds on the Company’s strategy to ensure the low cost, efficient commercial deployment of RIAs by:

• Lowering costs associated with application development, maintenance and deployment by tapping in to the skill sets and shared resources of a large and growing community of Eclipse developers.

• Increasing developer productivity, by promoting interoperability and standards-based development to allow BIRT to fit seamlessly, and effortlessly within any environment.

• Meeting continuously evolving user requirements by encouraging participation across the user base from developers to everyday consumers to refine their own information presentation through a variety of interactive and engaging interfaces.

“Actuate 10 is the foundation for increasing the company’s BIRT based business in 2009,” said Pete Cittadini, president and CEO of Actuate. “The product line assures deployment success from open source BIRT right up to rich, highly interactive customer-facing information applications, and everything in between. This is the essence of ‘Rich Internet Applications - Without Limits’.”

Actuate 10 saves time, money and developer headaches
"We found Actuate 10 to be deployment-ready and look forward to discovering more of its potential," said Günter Lutgen, Head of IT, Investment Fund Services at UBS Global Asset Management. "Actuate has listened to its customers' needs and desires, which has been demonstrated with this latest release. We are investigating the creation of a more interactive reporting experience that we hope to roll out to our user base in the near future. Actuate 10 should be able to save us time and has allowed us to get creative in ways we haven't been able to before."

“Actuate 10 appears to deliver on the promise of rich interactive content for end users,” said Neil Mehta, Product Manager, Cisco Systems. “We are eager to continue to explore the additional features in version 10, in particular how we can incorporate new more highly visual, interactive interfaces within Cisco’s Secure Access Control System (ACS) View product. We believe that Actuate's openness and the fact that Actuate 10 is open source community-driven will keep us ahead of the curve.”

“We are already tightly integrated with BIRT and Actuate’s Interactive Viewer for our award-winning S1 Corporate Banking solution. We see even more potential in Actuate 10 innovations that could enhance Information Reporting usability and functionality for our customers,” said Fred Dumas, General Manager of S1 Enterprise Treasury Online Group.

“We currently use Actuate’s BIRT-based product line in our NS-5 Insight software, an interactive reporting product for delivering personalised dashboards and reporting capabilities to users of our fleet management software,” said Sandipan Bhattacharya, CTO, ABS Nautical Systems. “We are excited about Actuate 10’s potential to further expand the interactive capabilities of NS-5 Insight and help our marine industry customers stay competitive”.

Actuate 10 feature highlights
Actuate is the only company to provide value-added products, services and support for BIRT 2.3, the latest version of the open source technology. Actuate 10 extends BIRT with dynamic new capabilities including:

A new generation of interactive web content and report viewing: An AJAX-based BIRT viewing environment that enables end-users to customise information rich web content to meet their individual preferences and needs intuitively. The new Interactive Viewer uses the dynamic and user-friendly concepts pioneered by applications such as Google Maps.

JavaScript APIs to easily integrate content: Quickly add content from Actuate BIRT content, reportlets and interactive web content to external applications, web sites, dashboards and mashups using a simple, flexible JavaScript API.

Built-in rich visualizations leveraging Flash technology: Actuate 10 adds new Flash-based charts and widgets such as gauges, thermometers and bullet charts, plus more than 250 other flash visualizations and geographic maps. Support is also included for any user-defined and third-party Flash objects.

Page Level Security for BIRT content: Actuate 10 extends BIRT to include security within a BIRT object. Each user now has a personalised, secure view of the data in a single BIRT object - enabling a single query to serve the needs of hundreds or thousands of users.